(Aflas® Asahi Glass registered name)

Available products: AFLAS O-rings, AFLAS Vulcanised joined cord rings, AFLAS Washers, AFLAS Gaskets, AFLAS Mouldings, AFLAS Extrusion, AFLAS O-ring cords

This material is unique due to its resistance to petroleum products, steam, phosphate esters and brake fluids. Often described as having similar properties to Ethylene Propylene and Fluoroelastomer. It has fair compatibility with brake fluids and phosphate esters while exhibiting good resistance to petroleum oils.

This material is used in the Petroleum industry for seal applications requiring resistance to petroleum, steam and ammine. Other areas of use include applications requiring resistance to petroleum and brake fluid, or petroleum and phosphate ester resistance.

The service temperature for this material is -28°C to +204°C.

May be used for Should not be used for
Petroleum fluids and steam
Petroleum fluids and ammines
Petroleum fluids and brake fluids
Petroleum fluids and Phosphate esters
Very poor compression set at elevated temperatures

TFE Porpylene is available as a special order for O-ring, O-ring cord, washer, gasket and strip products.