[singlepic id=76 w=320 h=200 float=left]One of our most popular products is the Scarf cut and hot vulcanised joined cord ring (‘SJV O-ring’).

Our factory has developed a very successful method of producing O-rings from extruded cord to a very high technical standard.

The most important factors affecting the quality of this product is the mechanical characteristics and dimensional accuracy of the extruded cord stock.  Care has been taken to select only compounds with a very low compression set, this is critical for producing high quality vulcanised joins.

Cord tolerances are tightly controlled and continuously checked using laser micrometers (tolerances are usually tighter than ISO 3302-1 E1).

Confidence in the tensile and tear strength is assured through regular destructive testing of the joins.

Available materials

The following materials are available on very short lead times and are considered standard price list items:

Mantek material code Material Colour Special
ISO 1629
231-161 Nitrile 60 BLACK NBR
231-185 Nitrile 75 BLACK FDA/3-A NBR
231-238 Nitrile 75 BLACK NBR
231-241 Nitrile 90 BLACK NBR
231-299 Chloroprene 60 BLACK FDA CR
231-186 Chloroprene 75 BLACK FDA CR
231-144 Chloroprene 75 BLACK CR
231-278 EPDM 60 BLACK EPDM
231-187 EPDM 75 BLACK FDA/3-A EPDM
231-130 EPDM 75 BLACK EPDM
231-134 Viton® ‘A’ 60 BLACK FPM
231-172 Viton® ‘A’ 75 BLACK FDA/3-A FPM
231-152 Viton® ‘A’ 75 BLACK FPM
231-170 Viton® ‘A’ 75 BROWN FPM
231-150 Viton® ‘A’ 75 GREEN FPM
231-126 Viton® ‘A’ 90 BLACK FPM
231-164 Aflas® 75 BLACK ECO
231-203 Silicone 75 RED FDA/3-A MVQ

Where the standard materials do not meet requirements we can offer more specialised grades:

Material Colour Special property ISO 1629
231-312 Nitrile 65 BLACK FDA/3-A metal detectable NBR
231-195 Carboxylated Nitrile 75 BLACK XNBR Yes
231-153 Hydrogenated Nitrile 75 BLACK HNBR Yes
231-155 EPDM 60 BLACK EPDM
231-346 EPDM BLACK FDA/3-A/USP Class VI (121°C) EPDM
231-311 EPDM 65 BLACK FDA/3-A metal detectable EPDM
231-309 EPDM 70 BLACK FDA/3-A/USP VI (121°C) EPDM
231-184 Viton® ‘A’ 60 BROWN FPM
231-327 Viton® ‘A’ 70 BLUE FDA/3-A metal detectable FPM
231-307 Viton® ‘A’ 70 BLACK FDA/3-A/USP VI (70°C) FPM
231-179 Viton® ‘GLT’ 75 BLACK FPM Yes
231-220 Viton® ‘GFLT’ 75 BLACK FPM Yes
231-276 Viton® ‘GF-S’ 75 BLUE FPM
231-275 Viton® ‘GFLT-S’ 75 BLUE FPM
231-229 Viton® ‘A’ 75 WHITE FDA/3-A FPM
231-162 Viton® ‘A’ 70 BLACK FPM
231-129 Viton® ‘GF’ 75 BLACK FPM
231-226 Viton® ‘A’ 90 BROWN FPM
231-204 Viton® ‘B’ 90 EDR BLACK Explosive decompression FPM Yes
231-167 Viton® ‘A’ 90 GREEN FPM
231-115 Aflas® 90 BLACK ECO
231-249 Fluorosilicone 80 BLUE MFQ
231-330 Silicone 70 BLUE FDA/3-A metal detectable MVQ
231-308 Silicone 70 TRANS. FDA/3-A/USP VI (121°C) MVQ

All of our SJV O-ring materials are available as extruded lengths – please visit the Premium O-ring Cords section of our website.