IEC 61111:2009 Class 4 electrical safety matting  is specially compounded to meet the higher working voltage of 30,000V AC and is 6.5mm thick and coloured Grey.

The IEC 61111:2009 standard stipulates that every metre run of matting must have a ‘Proof test’; and that every production batch have a ‘Withstand test’.

IEC 61111:2009 Class 4 matting will:

… be ‘Proof Tested’ to 40kV; and ‘Withstand tested’ to 50kV

These tests mean that you can be confident that every batch and every linear metre of matting will perform its critical purpose of protecting electrical workers to a working voltage of 36,000V AC.

We can supply certification for every supply of IEC 61111 Class4 matting.

Class Working
Thickness Width Length
Class 4 36000V AC Fine ribbed Grey 6.5mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M
IEC 61111 Class 4 - typical roll marking

IEC 61111 Class 4 - typical roll marking

On the back of the matting there will be orange markings that will identify the manufacturer, a double triangle that indicates that it is suitable for live working, IEC 61111 and class, month and year of manufacture and category if applicable.

IEC 61111:2009 Class 4 matting is available in 10 metre fine ribbed grey rolls in three widths 0.914, 1.0 and 1.22 metres. 1 M wide rolls are  stock and other widths are on a 4 weeks lead-time.