We offer a range of electrical safety matting that is certified as meeting IEC 61111:2009 (identical to BS EN 61111:2009).  This International Standard is applicable to electrical insulating matting made of elastomer for use as a floor covering for the electrical protection of workers on electrical installations.  This standard harmonises the various international standards used into one simplified specification.

From 1st January 2013 the BS921 standard has been withdrawn, the reason for withdrawal is:

… it is conflicting with, the current UK national standard of electrical, insulating matting BS EN 61111:2009

If you require Live working – Electrical insulating matting we recommend using the IEC 61111:2009 certified matting as this is the only internationally recognised standard.

The new standard has five classes of working voltage – from  Class 0 through to Class 4.  The standard also stipulates a colour code for each class – see table below.

Class Working
Thickness Width Length
Class 0 1000V AC Fine ribbed Black 6mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M
Class 1 7500V AC Fine ribbed Black 6mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M
Class 2 17000V AC Fine ribbed Black 8mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M
Class 3 26500V AC Fine ribbed Black 9.5mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M
Class 4 36000V AC Fine ribbed Grey 6.5mm .914, 1M, 1.22M 10 M

Class 0 has a working voltage of 1000V AC and this class is a match for the old BS921 650V AC standard.  In addition to Class 0 there are four further classes of matting offering enhanced live working AC voltages from  7,500 V AC to 36,000 V AC.